Miss Julia happily ever after by Ann B. Ross.
Murder on Wall Street by Victoria Thompson.
Shoot-out at Sugar Creek by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins.
When the stars go dark by Paula McLain.
You love me by Caroline Kepnes.
Meet me in another life by Catriona Silvey.
Love in color by Bolu Babalola.
The son of Mr. Suleman by Eric Jerome Dickey.
The last night in London by Karen White.
Turn a blind eye by Jeffrey Archer.
Call me Elizabeth Lark by Melissa Colasanti.
In the company of killers by Bryan Christy.
What Sammy knew by David Laskin.
The girl and the mountain by Mark Lawrence.
All the children are home by Patry Francis.
What's mine and yours by Naima Coster.
The night always comes by Willy Vlautin.
Love in case of emergency by Daniela Krien ; translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch.
I'm waiting for you by Kim Bo-Young ; translated by Sophie Bowman and Sung Ryu.
Caul baby by Morgan Jerkins.