The beak book by by Robin Page.
A sled for Gabo by written by Emma Otheguy ; illustrated by Ana Ramírez González.
You've got a friend in me by by Lauren Clauss ; illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama.
Velociraptors by by Scott Emmons ; illustrated by Nikolas Ilic.
There's a superhero in your book by written by Tom Fletcher ; illustrated by Greg Abbott.
You can be a doctor by by Elle Stephens ; illustrated by Dynamo Limited.
Teamwork wins! by John Cena ; cover illustrated by Howard McWilliam ; interior illustrated by Dave Aikins.
On Sleepy Hill by written by Patricia Hegarty ; illustrated by Xuan Le.
Big rig rescue! by Chris Gall.
What if you could spy like a narwhal!? by by Sandra Markle ; illustrated by Howard McWiIliam.
Princess Dinosaur by written by Daniel Kibblesmith ; illustrated by Ashley Quach.
Don't hug Doug (he doesn't like it) by written by Carrie Finison ; drawings by Daniel Wiseman.
The aquanaut by Jill Heinerth ; [illustrations by] Jaime Kim.
Please don't read this book! (Seriously don't, don't, don't) by written by Deanna Kizis ; illustrated by Sam Boughton.
Wakey Birds by Maddie Frost.
Bedtime for Albie by Sophie Ambrose.
Oona by words by Kelly DiPucchio ; pictures by Raissa Figueroa.
Ready, set, go-cart! by by Kimberly & James Dean.
I want to be a teacher by by Laura Driscoll ; pictures by Catalina Echeverri.
Outside art by Madeline Kloepper.
Mustache duckstache by Amy Young and AJ Young.
The pink book by by Diane Muldrow ; illustrated by Mike Yamada.
Starla Jean by Elana K. Arnold ; illustrated by A.N. Kang.
Sit with me by written by Carolyn Kanjuro ; illustrations by Nan Lawson.
Grace and Box by written by Kim Howard ; illustrated by Megan Lötter.
This is the glade where Jack lives by by Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis.
Pirate stew by Neil Gaiman ; illustrated by Chris Riddell.
Off to see the sea by words by Nikki Grimes ; pictures by Elizabeth Zunon.
The whole hole story by Vivian McInerny ; illustrated by Ken Lamug.
Marsha is magnetic by text by Beth Ferry ; illustrations by Lorena Alvarez.