The Azalea Regional Library System offers patrons free access to directly from their home library page. English and Spanish speaking tutors are available 7 days a week from 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. is adaptable for any smart phone or device and patrons can gain access from library parking lots, where WiFi remains free and available 24/7. Patrons must have a valid PINES library card to log into this service.

here to apply for a temporary digital PINES library card.
Select Azalea Regional Library System and then your home library from the drop down menu.

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Click here to access a one-to-one tutor or submit a paper for review.

Benefits For Children, Young Adults, & Teens:

Tutoring is available in all core K-12 subjects – math, science, English, social studies and writing, including AP level assistance. Providing personalized student support On-Demand. Includes one-to-one expert tutoring, SAT/ACT/AP® Test Preparation, and video lessons. The expert tutors can help you with anything from learning how to add fractions to understanding your college-level statistics class. Every session is one-to-one between tutor and student, no appointment necessary and you can access the service from home. Get help with your own specific questions or assignments—right when you need it. College students can get help with studying, projects, essay writing, and test prep in every subject, including algebra, statistics, chemistry, physics, social studies and English.

Benefits For Adults:

The Adult Learning Center will include one-to-one tutoring designed for adults who are conducting a job search and need help with resume strategies as well as writing a resume or polishing a cover letter. has a unique proofreading service, ProofPoint™ which allows adults to have their writing reviewed in real-time with a tutor rather than wait a day or longer for a marked copy to be returned via email. Adults may also access the SkillsCenter™ Resource Library 24/7 to find vetted resources that provide resume guidelines, job search guidance, and networking tips including how to use online resources and social media.

Beyond the job search, the Adult Learning Center will help those preparing for the GED or going back to school with one-to-one assistance in math, science, social studies and English. Adults getting ready for the Citizenship test may connect to a social studies or English tutor to prepare for that test or use resources from the SkillsCenter to find practice exams, learn how to register for the test, and more.

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